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Here you can read more on both the jobs and collaborative films that I have worked on!

Check out below the films I have worked on or I am currently working on in different stages of production!


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Release Date: December 2020

Crew position: Director of Photography

Description of film/role: I worked as the director of photography on a student short film that was shot in October 2020. I met with the director to refine the script, work through the lines of dialogue, decide the order and importance of events, and create a very detailed shot list for each scene. I worked with the FS7 and had 3 changeable lenses (25mm, 50mm, and 85 mm). The movie is about an unexpected outcome of a family brunch when the daughter brings home her supposed boyfriend.

Awards/Recognition: Film selection at North Texas University Film Festival


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Release Date: January 2021

Crew position: Editor

Description of film/role: I was assigned to edit in Avid Media Composer a 10-minute short film directed by Arnulfo Garza. It portrays the struggles to decide what is the right thing to do, especially when civilians’ lives are involved. The process of editing consisted of creating several rough cuts and fine cuts until achieving the desired picture lock, and assisting the director with the post-production processes of color correction and sound mixing.

Together, Alone

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Release Date: January 2021

Crew position: Sound mixer & Boom Operator

Description of film/role: The film is directed by Alexa May, a “Women In Film” scholarship-winner, and illustrates the hardship of letting our dear ones pass away when there is nothing else to say or do. The actors had lavaliers and I worked with the Marantz for sound recording.

Awards/Recognition: Film selection at North Texas University Film Festival

Heart House Documentary

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Release Date: February 2021

Crew position: Sound mixer, 1st Assistant Camera, Assistant Director, Gaffer, Grip

Description of film/role: I worked on Cullen Blanchfield’s thesis film, an independent project where he documented the emotional hardships of unprivileged people during the global pandemic. I set up the lighting for his interviews, worked on sound recording, and helped him with the camera and set design. I also contributed to the post-production phases of his documentary.


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Release Date: August 2021

Crew position: DIT

Description of film/role: The winner of SMU Summer Feature Film Competition is Kelsey Hodge, a recent alumna film student, who has written and will direct the film “Smile”, based on the story of a teenage Black girl who tries to live normally after a suicide attempt. The shooting got postponed due to COVID, but I will assist on set in the camera department during summer 2021.

The Better Part

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Release Date: December 2021

Crew position: Assistant Editor

Description of film/role: The feature film is directed and produced by recent SMU film alumni, who founded a Limited Liability Company in Texas. It is about six young students who experience an attempt to overcome the lack of genuine relationships or closure with people they wanted to keep in their lives forever. I will assist the editor of the film throughout the whole post-production process, including editing, color grading and sound mixing.

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