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Hi, I am Alexandra Savu and I am filmmaker and video editor based in Dallas, Texas! I am a sophomore student majoring in Film and Media Arts at Southern Methodist University, planning to work at a film studio on the West Coast upon graduation. Why do I create? It’s the only thing that fully absorbs me and keeps my world moving at all times.

I grew up in Bucharest, Romania, where I pursued several roles in the cinematography department for a feature-documentary shot in the Carpathian Mountains by Arca Film Studios. I took on charity roles, such as volunteering as a film teacher for unprivileged children at SOS Children’s Villages. I have also participated in film workshops and have created several short films (narrative, non-narrative, and experimental) for international film festivals, and have obtained recognition and awards for my work. Since then, I have been freelancing my own productions, working in post, and directing crews. I created an original style of film-making of different genres outside the collaborative projects, or companies I worked for. I have been working in the film industry for more than 4 years, getting involved as a digital media coordinator in international projects across Europe and the United States. I have been a videographer at the European Youth Parliament in Vienna, Austria, and a video editor for the enterprise Caravan Cowork in Provence, France. Even more, I have acquired various creative positions at companies in the United States, such as Oyster Group, or Studio 3008 in Dallas. I am also very engaged in creative projects at my own university, as the video editor for the School of Business, and for the school’s newspaper. Currently, I am involved in the production of a feature-film, “Smile”, which will be released in the summer of 2021, and in the post-production of a few short films and thesis films by film students, for which I do the editing, sound mixing, color grading, and take on roles such as the director of photography. I am constantly creating visual content of all forms and for different reasons to accomplish my career goal of becoming a fulfilled film director. Don’t hesitate to contact me for further details or collaborations.

Awards and Recognition

Most Original Film – awarded at Excelsior International Film Festival for “A New Perspective” 2018

Best Technical Director – awarded for best cinematography and technical quality, 2018

Public’s Choice – Best film selected at EYP video content in Vienna, 2019

Eurasia International Film Festival for “Tears in the Sky”, 2020

Official Selection – Screen Power Film Festival for “Tears in the Sky”, 2020

Official Selection – First-Time Filmmaker Session for “Tears in the Sky”, 2020

Official Selection - Sydney Lift-Off for “Tears in the Sky”, 2020

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